Heart Hamsters

These are the hamsters who have stolen our hearts and call the rescue home.

Manta – Roborovski Dwarf


Manta and Ray were a mother/daughter team from Mustachio Hamstery. We lost Ray unexpectedly earlier this year, but her mum is still here and as active as ever! She is keeping up their tradition of building advanced tunnel systems and marathon running on the saucer. She has since developed a mass under her arm but there’s no way she’s letting that slow her down! She is still as friendly and active as ever, we very much enjoy when she pops out to say hello and take a treat from us.

Kazu – Roborovski Dwarf


We got Kazu from the wonderful Mustachio Hamstery as a friend for Minnie (who also hails from Mustachio) when her momma Cat passed away. He has been neutered, so no worry about having little Kazus running about! He’s handsome and he certainly knows it! A little ball of energy, you just can’t help but love those beautiful brows (and Minnie aggrees).

Nemo – Roborovski Dwarf


Nemo is a handsome little devil who hails from Mustachio Hamstery. He came to us as we needed a boyfriend for our sweet robo, Pop, who wanted a friend but continually got booted by any female we tried her with. Nemo was neutered to prevent Pop from becoming pregnant, they are still getting to know each other but so far they seem very happy! Nemo is a spunky little dude with a lot to say! He doesn’t enjoy being booped or kissed but really, how can I resist that face?!

Wazowski – Syrian Hamster


Miss Wazoo was a Kijiji rescue in the fall of 2018. We were alerted to an ad where someone was selling baby hamsters for $1 and we spotted Wazowski immediately as she was extremely underweight and had an obvious issue with her eye. She came to us a mere 34g at 2 months of age and with a badly damaged eye. She was very nervous and had been beaten up by her brothers whom she had shared a tiny cage with. She absolutely blossomed into a wonderful hamster and despite her previous treatment her disposition was so sweet. I could not bear to part with her and made the decision to keep her as a companion and ambassador.

Angus – Syrian Hamster


Angus hails from our friends at Hathor Hamstery. I had been very much missing having a sweet, long haired male syrian since our handsome boy Clover passed away. I had discussed this with Paige at Hathor and it just so happened she had Angus available and looking for a home. He was so beautiful, how could I say no? He is a sweet boy with a beautiful male and he is a great ambassador for our rescue. He always gives me a chuckle when I come home from work as he sleeps in the strangest positions! Often, he is upside down with his bum squished against the bin corner, such a character!

Poutine – Duprasi


Poutine is one of our lovely doops who came over from Germany. She is quite a character and has an amazing personality! She is always up to something and is very curious by nature but she will take a break to snuggle in our sweaters. Her favourite treats are mealworms (yum!) but she’s pretty opportunistic and will attempt to steal snacks from all of us.

Maple (CHOMP) – Duprasi


Miss Maple came over from Germany with Poutine, they do not live together as duprasi are a solitary species. Her name is actually Maple Syrup but she is a bit of a nippy girl and so her name has morphed into Maple (CHOMP). She prefers to be left to her own devices and is quite happy as long as she has plenty of fun things to shred! Even though we are unable to really cuddle her we adore her in your face attitude and love watching her go about her daily routine.

Fawn – Hybrid Dwarf


We rescued Fawn off of Kijiji along with his 2 sisters in early 2018. They were being advertised at only 2 weeks of age, much too young to leave their mum. The seller agreed to let us have the entire litter of 4 pups but not the mother, they had already rehomed the father. By the time we got there, 1 pup had been sold to someone else and so only 3 came home with us. We found a lovely home for his sisters but Fawn was left solo. He had stolen my heart from the first moment I saw him, I opened the shoebox they were housed in and he came right up to investigate. He was a runty pup but he has certainly grown into his own, he lives with his brother from another mother, 626.

626 – Hybrid Dwarf


Our little dumpling, 626, is actually one of Oria’s babies. He came to us to show Fawn how to be a hamster when he was a baby. The two of them became so closely bonded that 626 stayed with us. They do everything together, and 626 does not appreciate it when I take his brother out of the bin to say hi. He has quite the attitude and will not hesitate to give little nips when we intrude on his alone time.

Minnie – Roborovski Dwarf

Minnie011218 (4)

Minnie came to us as part of a mother and daughter robo team from Mustachio Hamstery. Her mumma, Cat, was a retired breeder and Minnie came to live with her Chez GCH. Cat has since passed away, leaving daughter Minnie as Queen of their bin. Minnie is a little speed demon, and she spends her nights zooming about her bin and her days having some well deserved snoozes. One of the best things about robos, besides how incredibly cute they are, is that they are always up to something!

Auger – Chinese Hamster


Auger is the newest member of our family! His previous owners bought him with a cage mate at a local pet shop, they were told that both hamsters were female but Auger was a male- oops! Auger’s friend quickly became pregnant and the resulting litter was a huge surprise to the family. They were in over their heads and advertised the litter and parents on Kijiji. We went to pick them up and fell in love with Auger, the whole hamster family was transported to Strong Brew Hamstery where the litter was to be raised and rehomed. Auger needed a home and I had not been able to get him off my mind and so he came to live with us. He is very shy and quiet, but he just loves to climb and explore his bin. He is fine being snuggled for short periods but would much rather hamster on his own, and we’re ok with that.