Happily Ever After

Stories of hamsters who found their Forever Homes through GCH Rescue & Sanctuary

To submit your story, please email us at GCHrescue@gmail.com- we love to get updates!



Tostitos’ Story: Tostitos was left in the care of a friend of the rescue, unfortunately she has a nasty allergy to all things furry (which is why she only has reptiles) and was unable to care for the little guy. She approached GCH and asked if we were able to take him on. His past was a mystery but he was a very fast and nervous robo who did not like to be handled. When Barbossa’s family came onto the site to contact us about adoption, they saw Tostitos as well and decided they wanted to open their hearts and  home to two robos instead of one. Tostitos was always shy and hid at much of the time at GCH but in his new home he has blossomed and is often out and about in his bin. We are so happy that they decided to take one both of these special robos.



Barbossa’s Story: this little guy’s previous owner unfortunately had to move and could not take him with her. He is an opinionated little robo who was waiting for the right crew to come along. He came was us to a Christmas Pet Expo where his new family fell in love with him (I mean, how could you not?!) and they contacted us that very day to adopt him. He is very spoiled and very much enjoys his new digs. His new family just adores him, he definitely met his match!



Snap’s Story: Snap came to us as a young robo with her sisters (Crackle & Pop) from a breeder in the US who was discontinuing their lines. Snap was the leading of the pack but soon decided she wanted to be Queen of the Bin, she booted her sisters and started life as a solo robo. She was quickly scooped by a wonderful friend and coworker who has an amazing love of robos and their beautiful brows (she also adopted Captain Crunch from us). Miss Snap is living the life in her own, huge bin with all the treats and love she could ever ask for and we could not be happier!

Captain Crunch


Captain’s Story: Captain was surrendered to a local clinic at only 6 weeks old with an open fracture to his left hind leg and a possible eye infection. His leg was amputated and he came to stay with us to recuperate. He came here nervous and fearful, he used his teeth often to let us know our handling was not welcome. He is a spunky little guy and over time he learned that humans were friends (who often had treats) and would run over to greet us when we opened his bin. He was soon adopted by the veterinarian who saved his life, she had fallen in love with the little guy and we really don’t blame her. He is very happily living with his new family, which also includes a senior bunny and a lovebird with attitude!

Hummus (previously Nibbler)


Hummus’ Story: Hummus was a late night rescue from Kitchener. He was part of an accidental litter and had been attacked by a dog, sustaining a broken leg. We were alerted to the situation 48 hours after the attack occurred, his previous owner could not afford veterinary care. He was released to us under a medical surrender at 12:00 am and brought into the vet early the same morning. He did indeed have a fracture as well as bruising sustained from a crushing injury. He was put on pain medication and strict cage rest as he was underweight and too small for surgery. He recovered beautifully although we discovered he had also sustained some damage to his tear duct and so will have a watery eye that needs to be managed for life. He was very quickly adopted from us by the veterinarian who treated him, she had recently fallen in love with hamsters and had a rescue dwarf at home, we really couldn’t think of a more perfect place for him! He has settled in very nicely and even fell asleep in his new mum’s hands on the first night. The whole family is smitten with him!