Gone But Not Forgotten

Breya – Syrian Hamster


Breya was a pup who was rescued along with the rest of her siblings, her mom and her dad during the spring of 2017. She was quite a bit larger than her siblings and since she had been in with a male we thought she was pregnant. We took her in for pregnancy watch, luckily it turned out she was not pregnant and in fact just really really liked food. She had always been a more nervous hamster who disliked being handled, but she was also cheeky and always up to something and we loved her personality. She was happiest when we just let her hamster, and so we gave her space as well as lots of fun toys and delicious food to eat. She lived to well over two years of age and passed in her sleep. Breya was never sick a day in her life, we feel lucky to have known her and been able to provide her a safe place to rest.

Pop – Roborovski Dwarf


Pop came from a breeder in the US who had decided to discontinue breeding robos and was looking to rehome. She is the sister of Crackle, who also lived with us at GCH. Pop had the most incredible temperament, she would sit in my hand and just chill, she also seemingly enjoyed cuddles which is rare to find in a robo! She was very petite and was booted quickly from her sister’s bin. She was introduced to Nemo, who is a neutered male robo, and lived her golden months happily with him.

Crackle – Roborovski Dwarf


Crackle came from the same retired breeder in the US as Pop and was actually Pop’s sister. Crackle was a bit more opinionated than Pop and liked to be the boss of the bin. She was not as interested in hanging out with the humans as her sister but if you did pick her up she would tolerate it (as long as there were snacks). In particular, she enjoyed crunchy meal worms with a chaser of flax seed. She developed some breathing issues later in her life and passed in her sleep. She was always a happy and active robo and we miss watching her run her famous marathons on her wheel.

Ray – Roborovski Dwarf


Manta and Ray were a mother/daughter team who hailed from Mustachio Hamstery. Ray was the more outgoing of the pair, always popping up to say hello when we opened up their cage, while her momma preferred to stay hidden in their vast tunnel system. Ray passed away very suddenly, it was a shocking loss for us that we were in no way prepared for. We miss her friendly nature. Her mum, Manta, is still with us and now that her daughter has passed she has come out of her shell a bit. Now she’s the one who pops out to say hello and grab a snack from us.

Evie – Syrian Hamster


Evie was born at Hathor Hamstery as part of their first litter, The Noodles. She was a feisty girl who had had a home lined up which fell through. She was staying with us when this happened and we had just fallen in love with her and so we kept her and she became part of our family. Evie was mischievous and was very well known as an escape artist who chewed through bins and drywall. We miss her dearly and we will certainly never forget her.

Moo – Hybrid Dwarf


Moo was surrendered to us in need of surgery to remove his damaged eye. He made it through his surgery but unknown to us he was also infected with intestinal parasites. The stress from surgery skyrocketed his parasites and he became quite ill. He was a fighter and we had close calls during treatment but he pulled through strong. Unfortunately, he ended up passing in his sleep only 2 weeks after beating his illness. He was a feisty little guy who would not give up no matter what hurdles were thrown at him and we very much fell in love with him. He was thoroughly spoiled and I hope he knew how much 

Oria – Hybrid Dwarf


Oria had been with us since early 2018. She was rescued by our good friends at Mustachio Hamstery and Strong Brew Hamstery along with her cage mate, Vector. Oria was pregnant and had 5 healthy pups who she raised beautifully. Once the pups were old enough to go to new homes it was time for Oria to retire, she came to live with us here and she was a lovely companion. Oria would always pop right out to say hi as soon as we went into her bin. She was a wonderful ambassador and came with us to several Expos to meet fellow hamster lovers. We will miss her dearly but her spirit lives on in her son 626 who also calls GCH home.

Lily – Syrian Hamster


Lily came to us in the fall of 2016. Her previous owner had bought her from a pet store 3 months prior and had grown bored with her. We were told that she was an aggressive hamster who wouldn’t hesitate to bite. She turned out to be the sweetest hamster, she loved to cuddle and was an amazing ambassador. She went to schools to visit children and came to Pet Expos to meet fellow animal lovers. We miss her dearly, she was with us almost 2 full years and we feel lucky to have met her and shared our lives with her.

Cat – Roborovski Dwarf


Little Miss Cat came to us from Mustachio Hamstery with her daughter, Minnie, to retire. They were my very first robos and I was struck but how sweet and personable Cat was. She always popped out of the bedding to say hi and she even didn’t mind me picking her up for snuggles. She was very attached to her daughter and they were always together. I miss seeing her sweet face when I open their bin, she is the reason I fell in love with robos.

Clover – Syrian Hamster


We were contacted about Clover by a friend whose teenage cousin had brought him home from a pet store without her parent’s permission and now had to rehome him. She had only had him for about a week, and he was housed in a very small cage with no wheel and dirty bedding. We brought him home and I just fell in love with his majestic floof. He was quite a character and always on some sort of adventure. He passed away in December 2016 of heart failure, but he was estimated to be over two years old at the time. He lived a long and happy life but we still miss him very much.

Baby Violet – Hybrid Dwarf

Easter2018 (2)

Baby Violet was only a month old when she passed away. She was part of an oops litter we were raising and had been the smallest pup. Everything had seemed perfectly normal, she played and ate just as much as her siblings, but one morning we found her passed away in her favourite tunnel. We can only assume she passed of natural causes and this would sadly make sense she had been the runt of the litter. She was a very sweet hamster and we were devastated to lose her, especially so young.