We greatly appreciate any and all donations here at GCH Rescue. Your donations allow us to continue to help hamsters in need find loving homes.


Where does my donation go?

All donations go back into the rescue. We use donations to buy essentials such as food, bedding and housing as well as to cover veterinary costs and any medications needed. We keep track of all donations and what they are used for, we are happy to let any donators know where their specific donation has gone. People who donate items (such as hides or toys) can request to be sent a photo of our hamsters enjoying their donated item(s).

We believe in complete transparency and are always happy to answer questions!

How do we donate?

You can donate online through PayPal below:

Donate to GCH Rescue


You can also take a look at our Amazon Wishlist, and pick something our for our hamsters to enjoy.

We also LOVE LOVE LOVE paper tubes, small boxes, cardboard drink trays and critter trails (we franken them to make bins)! We are located in the GTA and are 100% willing to meet up for these items. Just send us a message over at our Contact Us page to arrange a drop off.