Adoption Process

Hamster Adoption Process


You can take a look at our Adopt Us page to see a list of our available animals, there may be times where we don’t have anyone available for adoption but we always update on our Instagram so give us a follow!

If you decide you would like to adopt from us, you can send us a message via our Contact Us form and we will send an adoption application to you. Before filling this out, please take a look at our requirements below.

Adoption Requirements



We will ask for photos and dimensions of your enclosure(s). The enclosures listed below are bare minimums, bigger is better!

*all enclosures MUST be a minimum 450 square inches of unbroken floor space. Enclosures listed are based on what is currently readily available in Canada.

Bin cages: IKEA Samla 34 gal or Sterilite 109L

Aquariums/Tanks: 40 gal breeder or larger

Commercial Cages: Kaytee SUPER Habitat (more suitable for dwarf species), Prevue 528 Small Animal Home (suitable for all species)


Dwarf species: 8″ or larger (wheels), 7.5″ or larger (saucers)

Syrians: 10″ or larger (wheels & saucers)

*Wheels must be solid bottom only, mesh/wire wheels are not suitable


Hamsters thrive on a diet that consists of a high quality lab block and seed mix, along with fresh veggies, fruit and some “people food” to round things out.

Lab blocks: Mazuri Rodent (Ren’s Pet Depot, we also sell 2lb bags for $10), Sunseed Critter Cubes (Global Pet Foods), All Living Things Power of 5 (Petsmart, the pellets and NOT the mix)

Seed mix: Versele Laga Hamster Nature (Global Pet Foods, PetValu), Higgins Sunburst (Global Pet Foods)

*some of these need to be ordered in, in our experience both Global and PetValu are very accommodating with this


Anything paper based and unscented, we find that Uber works best but Kaytee, Carefresh, and Boxo are also acceptable. If you are using a different brand, let us know!

Dwarf hamsters will require access to a sand bath (a lot of syrians enjoy this, too) to aid in grooming. Reptisand and baked/sifted play sand work well!