ANNOUNCEMENT: Opal & Juno have been adopted!

Congratulations to our Opal and Juno on being adopted! We are a bit late with this post, as these two girls actually went home the weekend of May 25th.

Opal actually went home with the same family who have adopted her sister, Olivine. Both girls are doing fantastically and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Their family even brought Olivine along to say hi when they picked up Opal, it was so wonderful to see her so happy and clearly loved. We know that Opal and her sister will have long and very happy lives, we can’t wait to hear more about their adventures!

Miss Opal

Juno was adopted by a couple who visited us during our Ren’s Pet Depot Meet & Greet. I’ll be honest, I brought Juno along in hopes of finding that perfect family, but I was very attached to her and doubted I would find someone I thought was good enough. That may sound bad, but when you work so hard with an animal you form a bond and you want the absolute best for them. It hurt to let her go, but I know I can’t keep everyone or there would be no room for other animals in need, but I feel better knowing she’s in a loving home. I got updates that very night and photos of her, her new family loves her as much as I did and she is going to have the very best life with them. Seeing where she came from and what she overcame, Juno deserves nothing but the best.

Miss Juno

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