Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

Miss Lily, our heart ham and Rescue Ambassador

Yesterday, we said a very tearful goodbye to our sweet girl, Lily. I found her in her favourite sleeping spot, she was peaceful and looked like she had simply gone to bed and not woken up.

I was in shock, I had been quite sick this week and had spent my sick day on Wednesday cuddling and hanging out with her, she was 100% herself and it didn’t even cross my mind that this would be the last time I would see her sweet face and bright, intelligent eyes.

Her exact age is unknown, she was rehomed to us as an adult in October 2016. Her previous owner purchased her at a pet store 3 months prior and had quickly gotten bored of her, stating she was aggressive and not as fun of a pet as she had thought. When my partner brought her home, she was in a dirty critter trail with one tiny hide, no wheel, and a lava block. I opened the door to her little cage and waited, she came over and slowly came out on her own. She was NOT aggressive in the slightest, but she was a bit nervous and did not want to be picked up.


We gave her a nice, new bin cage and slowly worked with her. She flourished, she began to allow me to pick her up and cuddle her. Soon, she came to me for cuddles! To say I was in love was an understatement.

Cuddle time is best time, especially after a long day at work

During her time with us, Lily became a wonderful Animal Ambassador. She went to schools and more recently joined the Ontario Hamster Club at Expos and shows to meet fellow hamster lovers.

Lily in her carrier, on the way to the 2017 Spring Pet Expo

I am literally in tears writing this as I am going through photos of her to post. Her bin is empty behind me and tomorrow is going to be the hardest day as I clean it out. It kills me to think about taking out all her things out of there and that she will never sleep in her favourite hut or run laps on her wheel again.

She adored her hamster ball

I’m so happy that I got to meet her and share my home with her. She truly was a special soul and I know that she was happy with us here. I can only hope that wherever she is now, she is content and perhaps one day I will get to see her again and share more cuddles with her.

Run free, sweet Lily. You are greatly missed and we will certainly never forget you.


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