Moo says THANK YOU


Moo would like to thank everyone for wishing him well, sharing his story, and donating towards his surgery. We’ve put together a little video for you all- and yes, you’ll hear during the video that Moo is throwing a party! It will be a pre-Halloween bash, date still TBD but it will be done as an Instagram Live within the next two weeks. If you would like to follow us on Instagram, we are @gchrescue. He wants everyone to wear their spoopiest costume! You will be able to interact, ask us questions and there may be some other special guests attending.

We were also completely blown away to find out that a very good friend of ours has put up a GoFundMe on Moo’s behalf. Chelle is a wonderful fellow animal lover who ran a successful rat rescue in the past and she knows intimately what it is like to be a new rescue and to have one of your very first intakes needing surgery. We’ve taken quite a hit but I would do it over again, seeing Moo with his new lease on life makes it 100% worth it. We’ll link to this below and if you could share it we would be grateful.

Mooney for Moo: Fundraising to cover Moo’s surgery costs

And from me, the crazy hamster lady behind GCH, thank you thank you a million times. I cannot describe what a roller coaster of a week this has been and how much it has meant to me to have the hamster community’s support. I am so grateful to everyone who reached out with their kind words and who kept Moo in their thoughts. He is a very special hamster and a fighter! I have no doubt he has a long and happy life full of adventure ahead of him.




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