Update on Moo

Moo enjoying his broccoli after waking up from surgery. Photo (and noms) courtesy of his wonderful vet.

Yesterday was full of ups and downs- first of all, I want to say that Moo is okay. He’s napping right now but otherwise he is his old self! We are very thankful because we almost lost him yesterday.

Moo had surgery yesterday morning to remove his bad eye, he was surrendered to us with this issue and we are unsure if it was caused by infection or an injury to the eye itself. His previous owner had been taking Moo into the vet and had him on antibiotic eye drops but they had unfortunately not improved his condition.

Surgery was smooth although he did lose a lot of blood for such a little guy. I was quite sick yesterday still so I stayed for the surgery but ended up going home shortly after to rest. I left him at the clinic as he was still recovering from the anesthetic and he would need treatments later (fluids, pain medication). I received a call shortly after I got home that he was not doing well, he had not woken up from anesthetic after 45 minutes and so they had reversed it. He was still unconscious, pale, and on oxygen. His blood pressure had plummeted and so the doctor had given him intraosseous fluids (this is when fluids are injected into the marrow of the bone- no easy feat on an animal who is only 32 grams), I rushed back to the clinic honestly thinking he would probably be gone by the time I got there.

When I got back, he was off of oxygen but still unconscious. Every once in a while he would seem to wake up but be in a stupor, then he would collapse and pass out once more. This was around 3:30 pm, I elected to stay with him until the clinic closed. If he did not improve I had the decision to make of either putting him to sleep or taking him home to possibly pass away. As the evening wore on he did not improve and I prepared for the worst, but then around 6:30 pm his doctor came to me with him in her hands and he was completely alert. He just snapped out of it like nothing was amiss! We all called it a miracle, no one had expected him to survive given his condition.

I brought him home and he slept, but he slept normally in a little ball like he always does. I was not alarmed as he had had the biggest day of his life and no wonder he was tired! I left him be for the night so he could rest.

Home safe and sound, sleeping in his cow mug.

This morning I went to check on him and he had moved from his mug to his usual sleeping spot, under his green hide. When I lifted the hide he turned around and fixed me with the dirtiest look a one-eyed hamster could give. I had interrupted his beauty sleep, how dare I?!

It’s now the afternoon and he is still napping but is 100% okay. I updated the doctors and the technicians who stood by him and no doubt saved his life. I am teary eyed writing this because I am so grateful for these people who are my friends and coworkers and who put everything they had into making sure Moo was okay.

He has two weeks of recovery ahead and then a recheck to remove his sutures. After that, he has a wonderful new forever home set up and really he could not be a more deserving little hamster. Despite all his issues and a bad start at life, he has remained sweet and amiable.

Now that he is okay it is time to take care of myself, I still have a bad cold and could definitely use a nap! Thank you to everyone who kept Moo in their thoughts yesterday and who inquired as to how he was doing. I’m sorry for not updating last night, as I had promised, but I was just so beat after yesterday I needed a bit of a rest!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and that all our Canadian friends enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with their family and friends.


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