Welcome to Moo & Kirby

We’ve had quite the eventful week here at GCH Rescue! We have two new intakes, both male hybrid dwarves.


First, we are welcoming Moo, a very handsome little hybrid who’s patterning is quite striking. He was surrendered due to an eye issue and is in need of surgery, he is scheduled for an enucleation (eye removal) on October 2nd. He is a very sweet hamster and is doing fantastic at the rescue so far. We are giving him eyedrops daily to keep his bad eye from getting infected and he takes this like a champ! He has a wonderful home lined up once he is recovered from his surgery, he doesn’t know it yet but he is going to be a very spoiled little ham!


Our second new friend is Kirby. We drove down to Windsor to pick him up but he is originally from the U.S.! We were lucky enough to have a friend in the states who was willing and able to travel across the boarder with this chunky monkey. His previous family had run out of food and was feeding him bread! This has very likely contributed to his obesity and we will be working on getting him down to healthy weight before rehoming him. It seems like we may have a friend interested in him and he will be just as spoiled with her as Moo will be in his new home.

To say I am exhausted is an understatement, but to come home and see these little guys all safe and happy in their enclosures makes it worth it.

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