Launching in October: Custom Bins

BoboBin (2)

We’re pretty deep into DIY here at GCH, bin building is one of our favourite things to do! It can be difficult in Canada to find enclosures that are large enough for our hamster friends, and for those that don’t want a heavy tank the options are even slimmer. For this reason, we have decided to offer bin cages, made to order, on our site.

We will be offering two sizes, as currently there are only two bins in Canada that meet the minimum standard for floor space. These are the Ikea 34gal Samla and the 104L Sterilite. The Samla is suitable for all species of hamster while we would recommend the Sterilite for any species of dwarf hamster as it does not allow enough space to comfortably fit a bucket wheel for syrians.

We will have options such as side and/or top ventilation, zip ties or metal nuts and bolts, and fun duct tape designs to add a little character to your bins. Price points are being worked out at the moment but we are aiming at releasing these the first week of October. We will try to keep everything as affordable as possible and any money made from the bins will go directly into the rescue.

As we are located in the GTA we will be offering a few different locations to pick up bins. You will also be able to order and pick up from us at the Winter Pet Expo which is being held at The International Centre in Mississauga the weekend of November 24/25 (stay tuned for more info on that). We are willing to deliver outside the GTA, within reason, providing individuals chip in for gas.

Our goal, as always, is to help improve the lives of hamsters and help educate the humans who love them so. We’re hoping that giving easier access to larger enclosures will help with this goal.

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