The Countdown Begins!

We are one week out from announcing our Grand Opening, however it feels as if we have already been open much longer.

We have been aiding in and spearheading rescues for the past year or so, slowly integrating ourselves into the world of rescue and learning  a lot along the way. We felt starting off slowly was very important, better to do this than jump right in with both feet only to realize we were not ready!

Currently, I am working on setting up our social media pages, there are a lot of facets to rescue people may not think about. Social media is extremely important in today’s landscape, we want to get ourselves out there as well as provide a platform for animal lovers to learn more about hamsters and their care. Rescue really is a full time job, and I’m balancing this along with my “day job” which is full time as well. I believe this is something people don’t realize, when I come home from work I go right into my rescue- feeding and caring for our animals and then hopping online to see what’s going on. This is by no means me complaining, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t love it, but it certainly is a lot of work!

I have a lot of other plans for this rescue, and I look forward to watching it grow.

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