Under Construction


I’m currently working hard to get everything up and running here at GCH! This is has been a dream for quite a while but good things take time. I am about halfway through getting the hamster room together and once it is all set up it will be featured on our Take a Tour page. Once we’ve got the room set up we’ll need to make extra bins, we’ve currently got a stock pile of toys, bedding, and water bottles but we’ll need to grab other necessities like wheels, hides and lots of food.

Next on the list, and one of the most important things, will be to register as a charity. I want everything to be on the up and up as well as to be done properly. I’ve always thought it important for rescues to register themselves and this will be my number one priority once our room is set up. After that comes social media, I plan on having an Instagram as well as a Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.

I guess some people reading this will be asking why I’m going into such detail. I really want the community and anyone who decides to follow our journey to see everything from the start. I look at this as part of being transparent which I believe to be extremely important. I also think it’s just interesting to see how a rescue runs and I figure there must be others out there who find it interesting as well.

Hoping to bring more exciting news in the coming months with the goal of being up and running before the end of the year!

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